Safe Sun Nursery Award

Developed by the National Skin Cancer Charity, ‘Skcin', this award aims to introduce and promote positive sun safe messages to children in their early years. It provides practitioners, parents and carers with free advice and

support to ensure that young children are adequately protected from the damaging effects of the sun and learn how to enjoy the sun safely at an early age.

Gaining a Sun Safe Nursery status entails completing a three step interactive, on-line guide. 




It is imperative that every child in nursery has access to a suitable sun hat and quality sunscreen that will​ adequately protect them from the sun whilst in our care. It is very important that parents are made aware of the importance of sending their child into nursery with these items during hotter months, thereby ensuring that no child is ever left unprotected from the damaging effects of UV whilst in your care.

Appropriate sun hats that protect the head and shade the face, neck and ears (e.g. broad brim or legionnaire style) should always be worn on sunny days during outdoor play or activities. We ensure that a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen (UVA ideally minimum 4 star+) with a minimum SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30+ should be applied to the children before extended periods of time outdoors in the sun and ask the parents to ensure that their child has had the protection applied prior to attendance in the setting.

In order to make certain that parents are aware of the importance of their responsibility to supply us with these items for their child, Sun Safe Nurseries have written a  letter to parents that is on the permission section of Baby's Days  A copy is available at the bottom of this page and informs them of the following:

• The Sun Safe Nurseries Award Scheme and our intention to become an Official Sun Safe Nursery

• Why this is so important and what is expected of parents/carers regarding the supply of appropriate sun hats, sunscreen and permission for nursery staff to apply.

• The importance of both nursery staff and parents/carers to act as appropriate role models.

The permission on Baby's Days asks that all parents sign in acknowledgement of their responsibility.  We have also made available a sun safety fact sheet that is available at the bottom of this page and on Baby's Days.


We will ensure that we provide a shaded area, when available, for children to play under or use during appropriate outdoor activities on particularly sunny days.  Whilst providing shade is preferable, it is not essential for us to gain your Sun Safe Nursery Status.


The Sun Safe Nurseries teaching resources and activities have been designed to introduce the sun safe message to

children in a fun and engaging manner.  We will teach a rhyming, illustrated story entitled, ‘George The Sun Safe Superstar’ and then discuss the key sun safe messaging within it. To help reinforce the message we will read the book regularly.

We will teach the  children aged between 3 and 5 learn, by heart, the simple Slip, Slop, Slap message: 

1) Slip on a T-shirt

2) Slop on the Sunscreen

3) Slap on a hat.

We will teaching the children a short, fun, rhyming song for the to learn with actions. 

In addition Sun Safe Nurseries have supplied us with a  few easy activity sheets. Although not mandatory to complete as part of gaining your Sun Safe Status, they are there to help reinforce the message.


We will make a Sun Safe wall display of the children’s work that will help reinforce the message and show parents what the children have achieved.

Once steps one, two and three are completed we will be an official Sun Safe Nursery and will receive a certificate to display and an official policy document for your records.

To maintain the Sun Safe Nursery Status when we achieve it we will be required to give annual feedback via our interactive on-line policy guide.

It is important that all parents/carers of newcomers to the nursery are provided with the same information outlined

in step one and that the book and song are regularly used to introduce or reinforce the key sun safe

messages, particularly during hotter months of the year. 

Sun Safe Parental Letter

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Sun Safety Fact Sheet

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George the Sun Safe Superstar Book

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Slip, Slap, Slop Song

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Colouring Sheet Activity Sheet

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