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February 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Sorry that has taken till the end of a very wet and very cold February to get this newsletter written but we have had some very exciting developments. Firstly, we have been preparing for the redevelopment of the toilet area in the Palmarsh site and the work has now started. The moving of the toilets to the Tiger Room area will not only give the children more independence in their toileting and washing of hands but will mean a very exciting new boat shaped classroom where the situation of the old toilets used to be. Watch this space as they say and we shall keep you updated.

Secondly, we are introducing a new electronic system called Baby Days to keep in touch with you all and where you can see your child’s progress tracked up against the Early Years Foundation Stage (if your child is in Nursery or Pre-school) but also where we can issue invoices electronically and where you can read about what your child has been doing that day and see photos and videos. Once again we will keep you all updated and will provide you all with more information closer the roll out date of April 16th 2018. Could I please just ask if you could provide us with your email address so we can add you? Don’t worry if you don’t have one as there is an alternative that we can use instead.

You will also see from the details on this newsletter that we are entering the 21st century and have sites now on Instagram, Twitter and an open Facebook page. We will still be using the closed Facebook pages for the safety and privacy of the children where we only accept parents/carers to view and the open page will be general information. Please also visit the new website which is currently being worked on but still will contain some very useful information.

We would also like give you plenty of notice that we are changing to monthly invoices to make it easier for everyone. This term (term 4) will stay the same. However, on March 20th you will have invoices for April which we need to be paid for by April 1st. You can pay the whole of April’s invoice or you can pay at the beginning of each week for that week – however you would like to pay it. But we would like to remind everyone that fees need to be paid in advance of childcare and would like to thank all of those who do so. So on April 20th you will receive another invoice for the month of May that needs paying (whole month or every week for that month) on May 1st. And so on throughout the months. We would like to also remind everyone that failure to pay the invoice in advance will mean a late payment charge of £25 for every week that the payment is late. Please do not hesitate to ask if you require any further information.

On Monday 12th March 2018 we would like to invite all parents/carers to the nursery and pre-school to celebrate Mother’s Day and have cake and treats served by the children. This is a special time for the children to thank you for all your hard work and we would like to see you all for this celebration.

To celebrate Easter we are going to have an Easter Bonnet competition and ask parents/carers if they would kindly make a bonnet and bring it in for the Easter Bonnet parade of which all parents/carers are invited to watch on Thursday 29th March. Prizes for the best bonnet. It’s always wonderful to see the creations that you make with your children at home and boost the children self-esteem to bring it in to show us.

In both the settings we would kindly ask for prams and pushchairs to be either taken back home or folded away if you are leaving them in the lobby. This is so we can ensure that the fire exits are kept free for us to evacuate if necessary. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We would also like to remind parents/carers that we are an all-weather nursery/pre-school and venture out with children at all times. So could please ensure that your children are wrapped up warm and have wellies. The benefits of outdoor play that being outdoors is a form of exercise that promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. Children are naturally drawn to active play outdoors: it allows them to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence.

Please come and chat to us at any time if there is anything on this newsletter that you would like to discuss – our door is always open.

Hopefully, March’s newsletter will be written a little sooner!

Kind regards

Kelly and Team xxx

Last Months Newsletter

 Hythe -January 2018

Welcome back Parents/Carers,

We hope that you all have had a wonderful Christmas but it is wonderful to see all your children back after the break.

The team and the children really enjoy the visits to Brockhill Park and we would like to remind you there are visits on:

• Thursday 18th January 2018

• Wednesday 24th January 2018

And just to remind you that your children require old clothes, wellies, hats, scarfs, gloves and coats. If there is a change to date we will let you know the day before.

We would like to welcome Joy Summer to the team. She is an Early Years Teacher and will be completing the administration role in the office.

Invoices are being completed at the moment and we would like to remind you that they need paying in advance of the childcare by cash or by BACS. If you are experiences any difficulties in paying then please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Just to remind you that we have a Facebook page called:

Little Cubs Nursery

This is a closed Facebook page and you will need to request to join. This means that on those who are known can access the page.

Parents/Carers evening is an invaluable two way meeting between you and your child’s keyperson. You will be able to look at your child’s development and set next steps in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. It is being held on:

Friday 2nd February 2018 from 3pm – 6pm

(Alex 3pm- 5pm)

Please ensure that you book a time slot with a member of the team.

Kind Regards

Kelly and the team x