Daily Routine​​

8-9.30 am Free Flow Play

9.30 am Registration and Plan, Do and Review

(High/Scope Approach)

10-10.30 am Key Group Time

10.30 am Snack Time

11-11.30 pm Time for Two’s

11-11.30 pm Free Flow Play

11.30 -12 pm Key Group Time

12 pm Lunchtime

1-2.15 pm Free Flow Play

2.15 pm Snack Time

2.45 pm Rhyme Time

3-4 pm Free Flow Play

Free Flow Play - This allows children to independently choose to move between the different environments promoting greater independence and allowing them to progress at their own pace. Practitioners provide an enabling environment. They scaffold and extend play by being responsive to each child’s needs, strengths and interests. Practitioners use open-ended questions that help children connect ideas and introduce materials and resource.


Registration and Plan, Do and Review - The children Makaton Sign and Say the Rules and the procedure for a Fire Drill. They also discuss the days of the week, date, month and year. They discuss the weather today and what is appropriate to wear outside and whether they need Sun Protection. Plan, Do and Review is a child-led approach based on learning through play where we ask the children what they would like to do and then support their choice. It is an approach that helps children gain confidence, initiative and a lifelong love of learning when involved in well-supported activities of their own choosing.

Key Group Time - As a vehicle for learning, this is also a great way for the children to form attachments to their Key Person and other children. It promotes a sense of community and enhances their social skills and improves their attention span. It’s a regular opportunity for a story, some show-and-tell, and an exchange of the news, to make and create. It supports the development of all children – each child, regardless of ability, can experience a feeling of belonging to the group key group circle time.

Snack Time - This is very much a social time where the children all sit and communicate. The help to prepare snack are supported in learning how to use knifes safely when cutting up a variety of fruit. They have toast, crackers or savoury biscuits with a selection of spreads, which we encourage them to spread on themselves and they have a choice of milk or water which they are encouraged to pour themselves. This is to promote the use of fine motor skills in their hands which they will use later on to write. It also promotes self-esteem and self-confidence.

Time for 2’s -Specifically for two year olds these activities are provided to encourage meaningful communication and language learning and to promote creative thinkers who have a ‘can do’ attitude to life.

Lunchtime – This is a sociable and educational experience where we create family eating experiences and encourage the children to bring in healthy food. Children are at lower risk of developing poor eating habits when they sit together to eat and encourages meal etiquette and social skills.

Rhyme Time - The bouncy rhythm catches their attention, can boost early language development, encourage social skills and opens the door to a love of all books.

All daily routines are subject to change and are flexible around the needs and preferences of the children.