About Us

'Welcome  to Little Cubs  where first we learn to play and then we play to learn'

The first four years are the most critical in shaping the brains architecture and have a direct impact on how children develop learning skills. Our children learn more in the first five years of their lives than any other time in their life.

Little Cubs understand the importance of providing quality early years care for all children. Our mission is to not only provide the best facilities in Nursery and Pre- school Education but to raise the standards of practice offered to ensure the sustained well being of each child through innovative and progressive early years learning environments.

By providing children with a wide range of experiences within stimulating and empowering settings, led by highly qualified Practitioners, Little Cubs aim to be pioneers in the field of Early learning.

Little Cubs is an ethos, where children always come first.

Our Four Areas of Expertise


A warm yet stimulating environment - home from home.

The importance of making your child feel welcome and cared for in safe and loving surroundings. Our well trained and approachable staff ensure children and parents are valued and welcomed into our nursery settings. We ensure that effective communication is paramount so that parents and their children feel comfortable talking to and asking for information from our staff.

Children depend on us to provide them with the most nurturing physical and emotional environments possible therefore it is important to create warm, loving, sensory rich settings where their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are recognised and honoured.

Our commitment to Little Cubs parents and children is to provide them with the knowledge that they will receive the best possible care and early years education available. Every child is made to feel valued and ‘special’, this is vital for their physical, social and emotional health and well being. Being acknowledged by important people in their lives helps children gain confidence and helps them to build strong and secure attachments.

Relationships within the nursery settings are vital to ensure the well being of every child’s basic needs.

A nurturing environment is one that gives children opportunities to discover themselves and the world around them.

Practitioners at Little Cubs settings are carefully chosen for not only their academic qualifications but for their sensitivity and diversity in dealing with parents and children from all cultures and backgrounds.


A warm and happy place promising a perfect environment for children’s precious formative years.

Our commitment to Little Cubs parents and children is to provide them with the knowledge that they will receive the best possible care and early years education available.

There are six priorities for children's well being that we concentrate on at Little Cubs.  These are for children to:

  • Have the conditions to learn and develop

  • Have enough of what matters to support their well being

  • Have positive relationships with family and friends

  • Have opportunities to take part in positive activities to thrive

  • Have a safe and suitable home environment and local area

  • Have a positive view of themselves and an identity that is respected

We at Little Cubs focus on the extent to which children feel at ease, act spontaneously, show vitality and self-confidence. It is a crucial component of emotional intelligence and good mental health.

Observing children is key and we are able to identify children’s behaviours and the emotion linked to this behaviour and is a great starting point to being able to support your child.  Working in partnership with you.

Showing children that you understand their emotions and behaviours means we can help them find ways of demonstrating how they feel.


The Learning environment needs to reflect the needs of each individual child and to support a wide range of learning capabilities and a rich and varied environment supports children’s learning and development.

At Little Cubs each setting provides a challenging yet safe and secure environment in which to grow and learn.

We provide stimulating outside play designed to enhance children’s outdoor learning experiences. We believe that the outside should be an extension of the inside setting as being outdoors has been proven to have a positive impact on children’s sense of well-being and development. We promote “natural” play and incorporate lots of environmentally friendly areas such as sustainable wooden equipment and parts play.   Encouraging children to explore nature and enjoy the freedom to use their senses as well as promoting physical activity. 

Children love to be in or around water. Filling containers, washing play cars or dolls can keep them contented and engrossed whilst fulfilling a learning objective. In the garden our children become part of nature and are encouraged to touch the earth and watch how seedlings grow. We encourage a love of living things and create a thirst for knowledge about the world around them.

All  have carefully designed learning areas or classrooms. Our team of  practitioners carefully plan and set out their learning areas to enhance the learning journey for every child. Each area is planned to emulate the home situation and are set up with equipment and resources appropriate to each age group.

Children must feel comfortable and confident in their environment and as adults we must support their emotions. Each learning area is filled with a wide variety of toys and equipment that enhances children’s desire to learn.

Each classroom is created to offer a dynamic and enabling environment offering children a wide variety of learning experiences and opportunities to explore and investigate.


We believe that a strong curriculum that is diverse and carefully structured to nurture creativity, develop and broaden intellect as well as being sensitive to each child’s needs is the foundation of early education.

Developing a curriculum that is flexible and that conveys morality, spirituality, creativity and understanding is the basis of the Little Cubs ethos.

We understand a child’s individual needs by using the observation, assessment and planning cycle from the EYFS principle.  Little Cubs use this cycle to ensure the individual needs of the children are met.  Daily observations and evidence photos of a child are taken enabling us to gain a better understanding of the child’s individuality.

Our role as professional Early Years Practitioners is vital in ensuring all children are meeting their personal developmental goals, and achieving the highest standard of learning.

We at Little Cubs ensure this through the key person system.  It is the key persons responsibility to ensure each child is observed, assessed and planned for, alongside upholding a positive relationship with both child and parent. The key person will do this by supporting the child and parent during “settling in sessions” and in their time at the setting. All about me sheets alongside registration forms will be filled in with the parent to ensure the practitioner has a good understanding of what the child requires.

At Little Cubs we offer parents choices, the choice to take a positive step forward for their children’s future. We constantly strive to broaden our own knowledge to enable us to look towards the future and impart new technologies and educational innovations. We invest in our children’s future by ensuring our practitioners continue professional development and remain at the top of their field. By investing in our staff we ensure that Best Practice is always being offered in our facilities.

In our settings we offer a culturally sensitive and diverse method of learning that is interweave with other methodologies and approaches.

Whatever you preferences or needs Little Cubs will ensure your child’s first steps into the world of learning will be a magical one.

Our  Philosophy

'We believe that each child is unique and when nurtured, encouraged and supported, can undertake and excel at age appropriate challenges'

Our Vision

We aim to educate and nurture the whole child. This holistic approach provides opportunities for your child to discover and develop unique talents and abilities in many areas, including emotional, spiritual and moral, cultural, language and physical development.

We create a culture of achievement within a vibrant and quality-learning environment ensuring positive reinforcement at all levels of ability through appropriately distinguished expectations. Each child is unique and when nurtured, encouraged and supported, can undertake age appropriate challenges and pursue natural curiosity.

Even our youngest children are introduced to a stimulating environment where enjoyment is the main ingredient in a program that initially teaches through play. The setting offers children a range of practical and creative activities
and develops verbal, literacy and numeracy skills, as well as placing emphasis on independence and social interaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is for all Little Cubs children to stand on their own as lifelong learners, growing in confidence and independence, prepared to be major contributors for tomorrow.

Little Cubs children are encouraged to play hard, work hard and make the most of every opportunity open to them. This way, they achieve their full potential, through the best possible guidance and practice.

Our qualified and experienced practitioners aim to create rich and meaningful early learning experiences for each child via the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which supports your child to develop independence, confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning.

Little Cubs has a strong sense of community and provide for a supportive, nurturing and warm environment. Small classes overseen by highly qualified, dynamic, and enthusiastic staff ensure that all our early learners benefit not only educationally but also personally. By developing their self-esteem and confidence they grow into happy, independent all-rounders of healthy body and healthy mind.

Little Cubs has been carefully developed to direct and support employees on all aspects of effective work practice and with these individuals, offer parents and carers the very best early years education.


We always try to do the right thing.

We are honest and straightforward with each other and with parents

We collaborate constructively and support each other


We are all leaders in our area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to delivering leadership results.

We focus our resources to achieve the leadership vision of Little Cubs.

We develop the capability to deliver our goals and eliminate barriers.


We accept personal accountability to meet our business needs, improve our systems and help others improve their effectiveness.

We all act like owners, treating the Company’s assets as our own and behaving with the Company’s long-term Vision & Mission in mind.


We are determined to do our best.

We have a healthy passion to succeed.

We have a compelling desire to continuously improve.


We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions.

We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust


We respect our colleagues, parents and children and treat them as we want to be treated.

Management Team

Little Cubs is driven by dynamic and professional teams of highly qualified, dedicated, and well-experienced early childhood practitioners who advocate Little Cubs and strategic objectives with a passion.

We love creating learning environments that are conducive to ongoing learning, growth, and development.

Early Years Education Specialists

At Little Cubs we lead a team of dynamic early years educators in the planning, implementation, documentation, observation and assessment of the children’s learning. Our practitioners are continually reflecting on their own practice, so we guarantee best practice at all times.

Our teams of highly experienced and qualified early years practitioners are the heart of success of each of the settings.   All our practitioners are viewed as competent teachers, who like the children bring with them their unique individuality, special talents that would add additional value and excitement to each setting.

Our Little Cubs team are highly qualified and experienced and bring with them valuable experiences working within the early childhood sector. Our practitioners have a high regard and duty of care to ensure that children learn in a safe, caring, and positive environment.

We also embrace a strong philosophy for working and collaborating with parents, and establishing positive home-setting partnership, as one of the primary catalyst in promoting optimal learning outcomes for children.